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March 19, 2014


Der Mai macht bekanntlich alles neu. Heute ist es aber der Kai. Ich hole kurz aus.

Ein schlauer Denker sagte mal sinngemäß, dass man seine Energie sehr viel besser voll und ganz in die Weiterentwicklung steckt, als sie in die Bekämpfung des Vergangenen zu investieren.

Ich habe vor acht Jahren…

February 11, 2014
Zootool made us realize that the general idea of running a central service is nothing we believe in any longer. Your data should belong to you and shouldn’t be stored on our servers. You shouldn’t have to rely on us or on any other service to keep your data secure and online.
Zootool in their announcement that they’re shutting down the service.
December 7, 2013

"Television Delivers People", Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman (1973)

As seen in Lausanne at “Making Space - 40 Years of Video Art” today.

(Source: youtube.com)

November 27, 2013

Art, or man-made things, can compress space and time. It can do things nature cannot. This is where my art relates to nature most. –– Ryoichi Kurokawa

(Source: youtube.com)

October 31, 2013
» Design is the synthesis of spheres of knowledge. » Design is the act of manufacturing synthetic worlds. » Design is a form of language. » Design is the exploration of the possibilities of being human.
October 25, 2013
We’re here. We’re in the post-antibiotic era. There are patients for whom we have no therapy, and we are literally in a position of having a patient in a bed who has an infection, something that five years ago even we could have treated, but now we can’t.
October 7, 2013

Based on what I know of the Valley, the culture it exports, and the nature of the winner-take-all New Economy it’s building, the only thing I can come up with is this: All the Valley’s talk about transhumanism, human potential, life extension, and generally “changing the world” is a bunch of hooey. It’s a myth — in the pejorative sense of that term. It’s a fluffy religion meant to snooker young professionals into giving their employers everything they have and working their brains down to the myelin until they become too old to be relevant anymore.

No, it’s worse than that. They don’t get too old to be relevant.

They get too old to be cheap.

September 30, 2013

VideoPaint 1.0 – Jeremy ‘Expression Factory’ Bailey, in 2004.

"We are liberated, liberated from the tyranny of the canvas. This is just … the future is here."

September 27, 2013
To have Beyoncé model in your show when only 100 people get to see the image sets a new standard for the meaning of power in the fashion industry. By pulling off this coup, Ford has infused his new line with the very highest cachet. But more significant for the fashion industry is the fact that Ford, returning to women’s fashion after several years, is questioning the entire value system of maximum exposure round which it is currently built.

Tom Ford rewrites rule book in surprise comeback show | Fashion | The Guardian

(h/t to that mailing list that doesn’t want any social media exposure.)

Why I Must Write GNU I consider that the golden rule requires that if I like a program I must share it with other people who like it. I cannot in good conscience sign a nondisclosure agreement or a software license agreement. So that I can continue to use computers without violating my principles, I have decided to put together a sufficient body of free software so that I will be able to get along without any software that is not free.